"Conservation At Work"

Mr. Charles Yanders




     Mr. Charles Yanders is the owner of Yanders Pallets Enterprise, Inc. and a small cattle operation in Paris, TN.  He was born July 1950 in Ripley, TN Lauderdale County.  Mr. Yanders graduated from Lauderdale County High School in 1969.  Three years later he enlisted in the United States Army on January 20, 1972.  After attaining the rank of Corporal he departed the United States Army on January 19, 1974.

     Mr. Yanders has always been involved in agriculture.  He recalls raising cotton, corn, wheat, beans, and livestock which included goats, cattle and hogs.  He remembers owning a calf at the age of eight years old.  He also participated in harness racing for 25 years.  Now Mr. Yanders is busy running his business Yanders Pallets Enterprise, Inc. and tending to his cattle operation.

     His farm includes twenty acres of pasture, with Angus cows, calves and a bull.  Mr. Yanders recently participated in the Tennessee Department of Agriculture Cost Share program administered by Henry County Soil Conservation District with technical assistance given by Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).

     Mr. Yanders, with assistance from the Henry County Soil Conservation District, NRCS and TDA, implemented conservation practices such as cross and exclusion fencing, installation of a well, livestock pipelines, and watering troughs.  Implementation of these practices assisted Mr. Yanders in protecting the soil, ground water, adjacent forestland, and wildlife.  He also improved the health of his herd by providing them with fresh clean water, and increased the quality and quantity of pasture to feed on.  Mr. Yanders is a wonderful example of a great steward of our Nation’s natural resources.

     The Henry County Soil Conservation District and Natural Resources Conservation Service would like to say thank you to Mr. Yanders for both his service in the United States Army and for his conservation efforts to protect our Natural Resources!