Henry County SCD Partners with Henry County Sheriff's Dept to build High Tunnel

The Henry County SCD partnered with the Henry County Sheriff's Dept to build a hight tunnel at the Sheriff's Dept for the inmate garden program in April 2019.  The 30' X 72' high tunnel will allow the garden crew to have a controlled environment in which to grow produce not only for the inmates but also for the community.  “Next year we can start our garden in January or February, and hopefully next year we can have produce quicker and longer,” Monte Belew, HC Sheriff, said. “It’ll up our produce and in return, give some produce back to the community.”  The Sheriff's Dept gives produce back to the community every year through produce giveaways set up throughout Henry County.  Sgt. John McElroy, who oversees the garden program,  said, “This year there are 240 tomato plants, 40 pepper plants and several cucumber plants” at the garden and said the main advantage of the new grow tunnel is to have a more controlled environment allowing the inmates to start growing produce earlier in the year resulting in larger amounts produce to be grown for a longer period of time and ultimately larger quantities of produce being passed on to the community.