Congratulations to 2021 Henry County Conservationist of the Year Kevin Bomar! 

Henry County farmer Kevin Bomar was awarded the 2021 Henry County Conservationist of the Year by the Paris Henry County Chamber of Commerce during the 2021 TN River Jam.  The Conservationist of the Year is awarded annually and is designed to recognize farmers/producers in Henry County who delivers exceptional conservation results, is highly innovative, has shown that they are a leader in conservation, and shares knowledge within the agriculture industry.  Kevin exceeds all of these qualifications and is a great example of conservation stewardship.  Kevin farms over 2500 acres of row crop in Henry County, including corn, soybeans, cotton and wheat.  He has worked diligently with NRCS to control soil erosion and conserve the productivity of his soil by implementing different conservation practices on his farm over the past several years, including cover crop, no-till, underground outlet, livestock watering facility, water & sediment control basins, and grade stabilization structure.  In 2020, Kevin implemented a 5 species mix cover crop on almost 1300 acres.   Cover crops are used to control erosion, add fertility & organic material to the soil, improve soil tilth, increase infiltration & aeration of the soil, and improve overall soil health.

Congratulations to Kevin for his conservation efforts to improve the land and water resources in Henry County! 

The Henry County SWCD thanks Kevin for his past works and continued devotion to soil conservation and sustainability for future generations!