Frequently Asked Questions

If I enroll my land in a conservation program will I be required to allow the public access?

No. Being enrolled in a conservation program does not affect a land owners right to control public access.

In what situations do I need a permit?

Most work on or near streams, stream banks, waterways, or drainage areas should be reviewed by TDEC. Clearing anywhere involving more than an acre may require a permit. If you have questions concerning permits you should contact the TDEC office in Jackson, TN at (731) 512-1300, or visit their website: http://www.tennessee.gov/environment/permits/arapgps.shtml

Can landowners deny the public access to fish on watershed lakes in Henry County?

The watershed lakes are privately owned. The public does not have access without the owners consent.

Can I get soils information for my farm?

The latest Henry County Soil maps and data were released October 15, 2012. The maps are available on the USDA NRCS Web Soil Survey website. Soil data and reports are available for selected areas.

Henry County soil maps and information can also be obtained through our office at 408 North Market Street.

Where should I call before construction begins to locate underground utility lines (gas, phone, cable, electric, etc.)?

Before you dig call Tennessee One Call at 811.

How can I obtain a burn permit?

Call the Tennessee Department of Agriculture "Division of Forestry", their local number is (731) 642-3808. Burn permits are required from October 15th thru May 15th and at other times during the year when weather conditions require it.

Burn permits are now available online at http://burnsafetn.org/burn_permit.html.

Where can I get information to help me manage my pond?

TWRA has an excellent booklet "Managing Small Fishing Ponds and Lakes in Tennessee" on line.

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